With Health and Justice for All

A message from the American Public Health Association

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We Heart It

A social media review

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How movies influence us

Spiritual Cinema Circle


Movies influence how we feel, how we think, and what we do.  
Something we may not be paying much attention to as we engage in the entertainment of movie watching. Just like other influences such as video games, music, books, and all other sources of media we take in and they in turn become a part of the subconscious memory.

The thing about movies that we should be paying attention to is how movies tantalize our focus with both sight and sound. We become so focused and drawn in, it can be like an escape from reality in living in the moment. It is a good idea to be mindful of what movies we entertain ourselves with.

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Best of bird feeders

The One Way Mirror Bird Feeder

I love this product

Great product for children, adults, and bird watchers.
Get up close and personal with bird watching. The one way mirror effect of this bird feeder allows you to view birds from your window. Birds don’t see you and this gives viewers a real wild life look at birds close up. You can study behaviors, watch for different species, or just enjoy feeding feathered friends.

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An Arts-N-Craft Review

Having Fun With Kids and Arts and Crafts.
Arts and crafts for quality time with kids. Taking Care and company does a on hands product review for Glitter Ink and paint filled pens, the Glitter Caddy, and foam sticky letters. A simple review on the products we used. Something to think about for keeping around the house for fun play and school projects.

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Book Review- Thought Vibration-The Law Of Attraction

Thought Vibration -The Law Of Attraction
An audio book review

Thought Vibration by William Atkinson
William Atkinson is a law of attraction teacher from the year 1906. He helps us understand the way we think, how we got to where we are and shares great techniques on how to heal for thinking positive.

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How To Increase Your Creativity-Podcast

How To Increase Your Creativity

“How To Increase Your Creativity” – The Chi-To-Be Experience Radio Show hosted Stacey Hall who is accompanied with Aaron Phillips radio host from Vegas Unwrapped, interviews Sara Gabriella a successful writer and true inspiration on the subject of being creative.
Above is a sharing of Stacey Hall’s Chi-To-Be podcast. This is a two year old podcast that can also be found on iTunes having many episodes of things and interviews of people with intent to inspire and motivate. Chi To Be presents it’s self as a part of the flow in life dedicated to never leaving you drowning by supplying a life saver of positive listening through podcasts. I think you will love it!

Inspiration and motivation are key elements to living a happy and healthy life. It is often said being inspired and motivation is like showering and is recommended to do daily. This is the role of support groups, spiritual communities, books, movies, photos and many types of creative expressions and works. When inspired you are touched both heart and mind. This in turn leads to taking action. We are genuinely thankful to the people and things which inspire us to grow in positive ways.

Stacey Hall: Chi-To-Be Host
Aaron Phillips: Vegas Unwrapped  Radio Host
Sara Gabriella: Writer, TV Personality, Model, and Poet
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